Newsletter | October 6, 2015

10.06.15 -- B2Brand Water Newsletter

B2Brand Water
Hello, my name is Travis Kennedy, publisher of Water Online, and welcome to my B2BrandWater monthly email alert.

This alert is designed to help manufacturers and service providers in the water and wastewater industry better understand how to influence customers into buying their products or services. It is centered around a new concept called Brand Publishing, which is designed to help you increase the strategic control your company and brand has over the marketplace and, more importantly, your potential buyers.

My hope is that this email alert gives you the confidence to invigorate your marketing by becoming a brand publisher and allowing B2BrandWater to be your strategic partner in this journey toward marketing success and greater overall profit margins. Enjoy!
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The water market is truly unique among B2B marketplaces. In fact, it's so unique that it often requires some of the most talented and forwar- thinking sales and marketing professionals in the world to keep it moving.
Need Content Help?
Brand Publishing Services
Many companies today face the same problem. They realize how important original content is to support their marketing efforts but they lack the internal resources to generate the amount of original content necessary to have an impact. Searching for editors, researching topics, and managing the writing and publishing of content can be a difficult and time-consuming process. Click here to learn more about the brand publishing services we can help you with.
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