Blog Posts

  1. Social Media And Your Marketing: A 2019 Take

    From social media to e-mail to your website, there are so many vehicles to utilize when trying to create a BRAND that it can be difficult to know which will work best.

  2. NETFLIX: A Case Study on How to Become a True Market Leader

    When I first started speaking to the water and wastewater industry about the importance on brand publishing, I was armed with a few examples. Those examples highlighted how to do this thing and how to do it right.  Now when I say “this thing,” what I’m referring to is the application of content marketing using the traditional media products of a publisher. Most importantly, how to start the process of evolving your company into a thought leader.

  3. Brand Publishing Predictions For 2019

    Recently the Content Marketing Institute came out with their E-Book 85+ Expert Predictions for Content Marketing in 2019 and it’s fascinating to see just how relevant some of the talking points are to our industry.  Here are some of the highlights.

  4. Does Price Still Matter… I Ask As I Eat My $8 Chick-fil-A Sandwich? Part II

    “Yes, BUT what about the contractor?  All he cares about is price!”

  5. Does Price Still Matter In The Water And Wastewater Market? Part 1

    Let me start by saying this, “Yes, but…” There are very few things that a water and wastewater equipment manufacturer dreads more than a contractor who only cares about price. Let’s face it, from the 1970s through the beginning of this century, manufacturers have been stuck in a broken system built to work against them.  A salesperson would have several interactions with a prospect pushing the benefits of their technology over competitors.  And then once that was accomplished the salesperson still had to make a deal with the contractor simply looking at price to honor their winning bid with the end user. Sound familiar?

  6. Content To The Beat Of A Different Drum

    These is a lot of content being produced about well … content … these days.

  7. Multi-Touch Attribution: Closer Than It Seems For Water Industry Marketers

    Have you heard of multi-touch attribution? It’s an important concept for publishers and marketers alike.

  8. Selling More By Saying Less

    I recently had the privilege of presenting at the 110th Annual Meeting of the Water & Wastewater Equipment Manufacturers Association (WWEMA). For those of you who aren’t members of this fine organization, I encourage you to check out their advocacy, events and membership benefits here. It’s a great group of industry leaders representing manufacturers, rep firms, business consultants and investment partners working together to create opportunity for all.  The meeting featured a selection of speakers discussing a variety of business issues from GDPR compliance to international trade, procurement practices to corporate tax strategy. All of which are available on demand to WWEMA members following the meeting. Let me know if you’d like an introduction.

  9. Content Marketing Outlook Specifically For Manufacturers Released For 2019

    The Content Marketing Institute (CMI) recently produced its Manufacturing Content Marketing 2019 – Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends report. Sponsored by IEEE GlobalSpec, the report presents the findings from 146 respondents to the ninth annual CMI/MarketingProfs content marketing survey who indicated that their organization is involved in for-profit manufacturing and has been using content marketing for at least one year.  Although the respondents represent manufacturers across a full range of industries, I think it highlights many of the trends and challenges with content marketing we see in the water and wastewater space.

  10. Building A Buying Persona: Let’s Give It A Go

    Let’s have some fun and create a buying persona. A what? A buying persona — a role or character of someone in our industry who might care to buy something. You may be wondering why. Hold that thought until the end of our exercise and you’ll see.