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  1. Aren’t Utilities And Vendors Wanting The Same Thing?

    I was recently at a conference that featured a series of panels containing senior managers from large water and wastewater utilities. In attendance were many representatives of manufacturers and solution providers eager to have said utilities adopt their products. A number of the panelists were asked what they look for in a vendor.

  2. The Difference Between Marketing Collateral And Content

    For the better part of the past century a marketing department was tasked with developing compelling marketing collateral.  That collateral was designed for salespeople to have something to bring along on sales appointments and serve as the center discussion point for their meetings with clients. 

  3. I’m Sure Your New Product Is Revolutionary, BUT Does Anyone Care?

    I recently received a phone call from the CEO of a new company in the produced water space.  He started the conversation off by telling me all the reasons why he reached out to me and to Water Online to help set the conversation expectation.  He then complimented Water Online for our reach, name recognition, and finally our approach in helping companies, like his, gain legitimacy in the marketplace. 

  4. When Connection No Longer Means Face-To-Face

    Before I start, let me recognize that face-to-face meetings with a customer remain critical in influencing their relationship with your company. Meeting in person with a prospect is an integral part of the buyer’s journey and will remain an indication of effectiveness in becoming their preferred vendor for decades to come.  But how do we get to that point?  It’s ironic that we live in a world that is more connected than ever and yet choose to live more isolated lives.  Our ability to access information and be influenced independent of personal interactions is at an all-time high in human history.

  5. 3 Basic Benefits Of Marketing Analytics

    If you are a regular visitor to, then you are no stranger to the importance of digital marketing built on a timely and relevant portfolio of reader-engaging content.  And while content creation and the promotion of it through digital channels are the most important steps in the process (because everything triggers off them), there is a third component to a successful strategy. That third “leg of the stool” I’m alluding to is analytics.

  6. 4 Mistakes To Avoid When Starting Out On Your Content Marketing Journey

    Three years ago, I started preaching the benefits of content marketing and brand publishing to the water and wastewater market.  Like the flywheel example mentioned in the Jim Collins book Good to Great, it took some time to build up momentum and gain buy-in from our tried-and-true market. 

  7. Social Media And Your Marketing: A 2019 Take

    From social media to e-mail to your website, there are so many vehicles to utilize when trying to create a BRAND that it can be difficult to know which will work best.

  8. NETFLIX: A Case Study on How to Become a True Market Leader

    When I first started speaking to the water and wastewater industry about the importance on brand publishing, I was armed with a few examples. Those examples highlighted how to do this thing and how to do it right.  Now when I say “this thing,” what I’m referring to is the application of content marketing using the traditional media products of a publisher. Most importantly, how to start the process of evolving your company into a thought leader.

  9. Brand Publishing Predictions For 2019

    Recently the Content Marketing Institute came out with their E-Book 85+ Expert Predictions for Content Marketing in 2019 and it’s fascinating to see just how relevant some of the talking points are to our industry.  Here are some of the highlights.

  10. Does Price Still Matter… I Ask As I Eat My $8 Chick-fil-A Sandwich? Part II

    “Yes, BUT what about the contractor?  All he cares about is price!”