Brand Publishing Related Stories

  1. The 2019 State Of Content Marketing [Infographic]

    What stands out to me in this infographic from a recent Zazzle Media survey is that 77% of respondents listed written content as the top focus of their content marketing focus in 2019, far outpacing the 45% who listed SEO or 42% focused on Email Marketing.

  2. Why Social Media Must Live Within Your Content Marketing Vision

    Creating valuable content consistently over time is hard work. And with so many emails hitting our inboxes and the difficulties of attaining superior ranking with Google, it can feel like a lot of effort for not much gain.

  3. Does Your Business Have Authenticity?

    This is a story about a small, family-run coffee shop fighting off a known, big coffee-brand. But the reason I picked it for water and wastewater marketers to read is the story-telling value of what brand publishing is all about.

  4. How To Make Changes In B2B Sales – By Going Back To Basics

    This interview with Andy Paul of The Sales House on the Small Business Radio Show discusses the importance of meaningful personal relationships between sales professionals and their customers to win business.

  5. Science Proves (Again) That Peoples’ Attention Spans Are Declining. Here’s How To Get Your Message Across

    It comes as no surprise that new research published in the journal Nature Communications finds that our attention spans continue to decline. In this compelling post, Alison Davis provides three compelling ways to capture your share of this dwindling resource.

  6. Seth Godin Says The Answer To This 1 Question Will Measure The Effectiveness Of Your Marketing In 2019

    Here’s a content marketing tip. Put the name Seth Godin in your subject line and you’re sure to attract a bevy or modern marketers to your content. In this article,

  7. Getting Culture Right: Five Lessons For Merger Success In The Sales Department

    The water industry is not immune to the volatile world of mergers and acquisitions. Often times the effect of such activity causes significant disruption for independent sales reps who are now out in the field dealing with the repercussions of losing, gaining or merging principals. This post from David Sill suggests five tips to consider when merging companies, with many relating to a unified brand communication approach …

  8. Do Social Stories Have a Place in B2B Marketing?

    Anudit Vikram introduces the idea that personal stories can work just as well in the B2B world as they do in B2C, even if it’s harder to tie directly to a sale. What is true is that the cover-page photo of a WWTP operator has always helped readers identify themselves quickly with a publication. Sharing personal stories of shared service and challenge will bind a reader to you …

  9. The Science Of Email Marketing: How Psychology Can Help Email Open Rates

    There’s been a lot of buzz about social media and its power to engage over the last few years but email continues to reign supreme in the business world. For those of us who turn on a computer in the morning, email continues to be the first thing that many of us check when we start our work days. In this interesting post, Emily Alford presents some psychology-based tips for capturing the attention of your audience…

  10. Planning To Attend A Water Conference in 2019? Read This …

    An interesting post from our friend Reese Tisdale of Bluefield Research regarding the entities owning the conversation about the biggest trends and topics in the water and wastewater industry. No surprise that the large engineering firms dominate.