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  1. Native Advertising: The New Pillar Of Digital

    Native advertising isn’t a new concept but it remains confusing and somewhat ill-defined in the water and wastewater industry. 

  2. 5 Sales Leadership Lessons From 2018 That Could Make 2019 A Whole Lot Better

    Contributing to, Randy Illig suggests a number of sales leadership changes for 2019. Take a look at number 4 which talks to the need for salespeople to become advanced subject experts now that the Internet has replaced them as the first place customers go for information.

  3. 7 Common Marketing Mistakes You Might Be Making

    This list of marketing pitfalls from Aditya Narula is pretty high-level but it acts as a good foundation as we start working on our 2019 initiatives in the water and wastewater market. I especially like “Poor Research” being the first of the seven common marketing mistakes he focuses on.

  4. Navigating The Challenging Conversations Of Strategy

    As we head towards 2019, a timely post from Art Petty about discussing strategy. We’ve spoken about some seismic changes to the traditional sales and marketing relationship for wastewater and water manufacturers. 

  5. Who Is Using Multitouch Attribution?

    I wrote about multitouch attribution recently and here’s validation from eMarketer that it’s a legitimate concept that has arrived and will no doubt be pervasive in years to come as we as marketers in the water and wastewater industry start linking engagement nodes such as tradeshow, online content and in-person visit.

  6. The New Best Practices For Digital Brand Storytelling

    What jumped out to me in this Julian Baring post are the words “relevance and reaction."

  7. The Midterm Elections And Implications For Water Infrastructure

    Scott Berry, Director of Policy and Government Affairs for the US Water Alliance summarizes some of the down ballot water initiatives you may have missed in the hubbub of this year’s Midterms.

  8. LinkedIn Now Suggests The Best Content For Company Pages To Share

    In a sign of the times, LinkedIn is now suggesting content that companies utilizing their Pages feature should share to attract an audience.

  9. For The Love Of Lavender

    OK, so this is clearly a well-crafted case study to encourage small businesses to use Facebook Business in marketing themselves. But two things.

  10. Why You Need Live Chat Now For B2B

    Not quite sure if I agree with Bassem Saber’s post but this is the second example I’ve witnessed recently where the suggestion is that the B2C mindset of the online customer is starting to affect their B2B expectations of customer service.