Brand Publishing Related Stories

  1. Getting Culture Right: Five Lessons For Merger Success In The Sales Department

    The water industry is not immune to the volatile world of mergers and acquisitions. Often times the effect of such activity causes significant disruption for independent sales reps who are now out in the field dealing with the repercussions of losing, gaining or merging principals. This post from David Sill suggests five tips to consider when merging companies, with many relating to a unified brand communication approach …

  2. Do Social Stories Have a Place in B2B Marketing?

    Anudit Vikram introduces the idea that personal stories can work just as well in the B2B world as they do in B2C, even if it’s harder to tie directly to a sale. What is true is that the cover-page photo of a WWTP operator has always helped readers identify themselves quickly with a publication. Sharing personal stories of shared service and challenge will bind a reader to you …

  3. The Science Of Email Marketing: How Psychology Can Help Email Open Rates

    There’s been a lot of buzz about social media and its power to engage over the last few years but email continues to reign supreme in the business world. For those of us who turn on a computer in the morning, email continues to be the first thing that many of us check when we start our work days. In this interesting post, Emily Alford presents some psychology-based tips for capturing the attention of your audience…

  4. Planning To Attend A Water Conference in 2019? Read This …

    An interesting post from our friend Reese Tisdale of Bluefield Research regarding the entities owning the conversation about the biggest trends and topics in the water and wastewater industry. No surprise that the large engineering firms dominate.

  5. The Top 20 Ways To Say What You Really Think

    This is a really interesting post about communication from Dan Rockwell, the self-proclaimed Leadership Freak. A lot of what Rockwell suggests works well, not only for verbal communication, but also for informing a content marketing strategy. 

  6. Harnessing Diversity Of Thought For Competitive Advantage

    There’s a great slide in this post from Alaina Love that illustrates how knowledge is the leverage you have between the people in your organization and the products and services that you produce. To give it a water industry twist, imagine you manufacture submersible wastewater treatment pumps.

  7. Pedigree Links Shelter Dog Support Drive To Documentary Sponsorship

    So I’m not suggesting you start giving away free DO probes or bar screens to water professionals hash tagging a social media campaign. But this campaign by a dog food provider highlights the value of creative marketing focused on the audience member and not the manufacturer’s product.

  8. The Basics Of Branding For Start Ups

    You may not be a startup but it doesn’t hurt to go back to why you started your company in the first place and think through the steps of building a brand. Because regardless of how well-positioned you are in the water and wastewater space, the support of your brand and reputation remains an incredibly important asset. Think if you were a new pump company trying to break into the water market?

  9. Decoding How Customers Buy (And Why They Don’t)

    Writing for, Kate Harrison recently interviewed Martyn R. Lewis, author of How Customers Buy … & Why They Don’t. One of Lewis’ most interesting observations.

  10. 9 Keys To Brand Publishing Success

    If I had to sum up what brand publishing is in one sentence, I wouldn’t be far off Michael Brenner’s summary point from his blog post for Relevance.