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  1. Tools And Techniques For Effective Communication: The Platinum Rule

    Scroll down to the “How To” section of Diana Peterson More’s article on communication and you’ll find an interesting tidbit on an approach to adopt in our marketing efforts. More draws a distinction between applying the golden rule in communicating the way we would want to be communicated with and a “platinum rule” in communicating with others the way they wish to be communicated with. It’s a novel approach to addressing the modern marketing challenge.

  2. After The Lead Magnet: How To Nurture B2B Leads

    For those unaware, a lead magnet is a piece of content (often an infographic or e-Book) that a reader receives in return for sharing their email address and other demographic information. I couldn’t agree more with Andrew Yedlin’s observation that far too often, the nurturing event that we, as readers, expect on the back end of the download proves ineffective. Plotting out the connections between your various content assets can help avoid air in the system.

  3. How To Tailor Your Instagram For Millennial Audiences

    Forgive the title. This post from David Gutierrez offers some great advice to all marketers regardless of medium being used. In the water and wastewater industry, we don’t see a lot of professional interaction on Instagram but we are witnessing a generational transformation of our industry. The difference between millennials and their parents in their willingness to see targeted advertising as beneficial versus intrusive is interesting. However, both generations are looking for help from advertisers versus overt promotion.

  4. How To Discover Your Organization’s Story

    I was conversing with one of my writers the other day regarding an abstract for a recent podcast. Unlike all other vendors, the company had used the podcast to talk about their company culture instead of a specific product or solution. In the water and wastewater industry, where differences in product are often negligible, could creating content about your culture be more meaningful in attracting customers than writing about your product?

  5. 12 Insanely Successful Real Estate Marketing Ideas From Top Agents

    What does selling water and wastewater equipment have to do with real estate marketing? Not much but this Hubspot post got me thinking. How many of us use sites such as or when searching for homes over visiting the individual realtors’ websites?

  6. Our Customers Are Voting With Their Time

    David Brock’s post talks vividly about what is taking place with your sales reps in our information-rich world. Unless they can provide a level of insight that can’t be sourced elsewhere, they will be locked out of the critical early stage of the buyer’s discovery process.

  7. 8 Reasons Why Your Content Marketing Strategy May Suck

    Writing for CMS Wire, Kaya Ismail points out some of the common mistakes I see water and wastewater equipment companies make with content marketing. What’s really noteworthy is the distinction he makes between selling too much and not selling enough.

  8. 5 Content Marketing Ideas For August 2019

    So here is an off-the-wall post for all you water and wastewater marketers as you think about what to write on in the months ahead. We hear so much about the retiring workforce in the water and wastewater industry that the first suggestion on this list from Armando Roggio resonated with me. August 21st is Senior Citizens Day. Is there a tongue in cheek connection you can make in an upcoming piece of content to tie-in with how your company may have solutions to plug the “brain drain?”

  9. Brand Publishing vs. Content Marketing: What's the Difference?

    We write a lot about content marketing at B2Brand but what’s the brand publishing part all about? In this explanatory post, Kathleen Booth explains the difference between content marketing and brand publishing.

  10. How To Customize A Compelling Story For Your Sales Presentation

    Fresh off a round of exhibitor interviews at AWWA’s Annual Convention and Exhibition, it was refreshing to hear how many companies have moved off themselves and are making their customers the heroes of their stories. And that’s exactly the approach that Sean McPheat suggests taking in his recent post for Sales Training Specialists.