In the water and wastewater industry, utilities are increasingly wary of companies trying to sell them anything new.  This often results in companies not buying valuable new products or services because the perceived risk of making a bad decision outweighs the potential gains of making a good one. 

Brand Publishing gives manufacturers and service providers the ability to establish a non-threatening trust bond with their customers, creating a rich relationship to be leveraged when the prospect is ready to buy.

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Hi, I’m Travis Kennedy, Founder of B2Brand Water.  If you have been paying attention, you’ve noticed that marketing to the water and wastewater industry has evolved and changed dramatically. The time has come to make our marketing helpful.  

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A lot of writers and marketing experts are starting to promote the principles of brand publishing. Here are some recent stories I’ve found that relate to brand publishing in the water industry:

  • Tools And Techniques For Effective Communication: The Platinum Rule
    Tools And Techniques For Effective Communication: The Platinum Rule

    Scroll down to the “How To” section of Diana Peterson More’s article on communication and you’ll find an interesting tidbit on an approach to adopt in our marketing efforts. More draws a distinction between applying the golden rule in communicating the way we would want to be communicated with and a “platinum rule” in communicating with others the way they wish to be communicated with. It’s a novel approach to addressing the modern marketing challenge.

  • After The Lead Magnet: How To Nurture B2B Leads
    After The Lead Magnet: How To Nurture B2B Leads

    For those unaware, a lead magnet is a piece of content (often an infographic or e-Book) that a reader receives in return for sharing their email address and other demographic information. I couldn’t agree more with Andrew Yedlin’s observation that far too often, the nurturing event that we, as readers, expect on the back end of the download proves ineffective. Plotting out the connections between your various content assets can help avoid air in the system.

  • How To Tailor Your Instagram For Millennial Audiences
    How To Tailor Your Instagram For Millennial Audiences

    Forgive the title. This post from David Gutierrez offers some great advice to all marketers regardless of medium being used. In the water and wastewater industry, we don’t see a lot of professional interaction on Instagram but we are witnessing a generational transformation of our industry. The difference between millennials and their parents in their willingness to see targeted advertising as beneficial versus intrusive is interesting. However, both generations are looking for help from advertisers versus overt promotion.

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