Successful brand publishing requires many of the skills you would traditionally find in good publishing companies. These include the ability to:

  1. Understand what a target audience cares most about
  2. Create content that is uniquely valuable and serves an audience’s interests and needs
  3. Continuously communicate this content through engaging media channels that meet the audience’s preferences (websites, newsletters, print publications, events etc…)

In the world of B2B water marketing, this is a huge change.  Moving from measuring advertising spend with a focus on immediate ROI to a much longer-term horizon is a tough internal sell and hard to do.

Here are some of the services we provide:


Many companies today face the same problem: They realize how important original content is to support their marketing efforts but they lack the internal resources to generate the amount of original content necessary to have an impact.

Searching for editors, researching topics, and managing the writing and publishing of content can be a difficult and time-consuming process. We can manage all of these tasks for you.


From collecting subscribers to keeping your lists current, an effective list management approach is a vital piece of B2B newsletter success. We can handle all circulation management functions and reporting. We can also help with segmenting subscribers into groups based on activity and conducting preference tests to provide your readers with the information they most desire.


The battle for attention in the inbox is one of a marketer’s toughest tasks. Our experts use proven best practices to improve inbox deliverability and overall newsletter results. We begin with a simple, clean, intuitive design, optimized to look and perform perfectly on all devices. And we offer a range of editorial services focused on improving the engagement of your subscribers.


At the heart of brand publishing is the need to define your company as a thought-leader on specific topics of interest to your customers. Many times a single corporate website cannot provide sufficient depth or content flexibility to accomplish this. Using our proprietary suite of media software products, we build and support web communities rich in functionality for a fraction of the cost you would pay to do this alone.

Brand publishing is a new concept for many marketers. And change is often hard to understand.

To discuss brand publishing in more depth as it relates to your business, schedule some time or call me at 215-675-1800 ext. 122.



Hi, I’m Travis Kennedy, Founder of B2Brand Water.  If you have been paying attention, you’ve noticed that marketing to the water and wastewater industry has evolved and changed dramatically. The time has come to make our marketing helpful.  

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A lot of writers and marketing experts are starting to promote the principles of brand publishing. Here are some recent stories I’ve found that relate to brand publishing in the water industry:

  • Tools And Techniques For Effective Communication: The Platinum Rule
    Tools And Techniques For Effective Communication: The Platinum Rule

    Scroll down to the “How To” section of Diana Peterson More’s article on communication and you’ll find an interesting tidbit on an approach to adopt in our marketing efforts. More draws a distinction between applying the golden rule in communicating the way we would want to be communicated with and a “platinum rule” in communicating with others the way they wish to be communicated with. It’s a novel approach to addressing the modern marketing challenge.

  • After The Lead Magnet: How To Nurture B2B Leads
    After The Lead Magnet: How To Nurture B2B Leads

    For those unaware, a lead magnet is a piece of content (often an infographic or e-Book) that a reader receives in return for sharing their email address and other demographic information. I couldn’t agree more with Andrew Yedlin’s observation that far too often, the nurturing event that we, as readers, expect on the back end of the download proves ineffective. Plotting out the connections between your various content assets can help avoid air in the system.

  • How To Tailor Your Instagram For Millennial Audiences
    How To Tailor Your Instagram For Millennial Audiences

    Forgive the title. This post from David Gutierrez offers some great advice to all marketers regardless of medium being used. In the water and wastewater industry, we don’t see a lot of professional interaction on Instagram but we are witnessing a generational transformation of our industry. The difference between millennials and their parents in their willingness to see targeted advertising as beneficial versus intrusive is interesting. However, both generations are looking for help from advertisers versus overt promotion.

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