Marketing experts are embracing the benefits of the types of services we offer at Water Online. Here are their latest thoughts on the subject.

  • New studies show B2B companies see digital interactions as significantly more important to their customers than traditional sales interactions, yet most B2B resource or learning centers are legacy repositories of siloed assets divided and subdivided by classic, static format types. To be successful going forward, B2B companies will need to create more compelling digital content marketing experiences.

  • While salespeople may be ready for a more aggressive travel schedule coming out of the pandemic, it’s not clear that clients want to get back to that old norm or if corporations will even allow for vendor visits with any regularity. So, how is a B2B salesperson supposed to find new customers when those people don’t want to go back to the old way of doing business?

  • Ever heard of neuromarketing? Well, you better dig into this emerging method for influencing behavior because it’s going to be a key strategy soon. Neuromarketing is one of the significant trends that will impact B2B marketing effectiveness going into next year. Premium content marketing will also continue to be relevant, and require powerful material, but it’s possible that your blog is no longer sufficient for your industry, according to this piece at Scaleo.

  • It’s a common trap for salespeople. They focus on the compelling features of their product or service but neglect to address the sticking points that make people less likely to adopt something new.

  • It’s no longer enough for B2B marketing teams to simply support sales. Instead, the leaders of those teams need to rise to leadership roles in their own companies to drive organizational success. That’s the thrust of a new report published by Forrester, which says the transformation needs to happen quickly.

  • Third-party cookies, which made it easier to reach customers, are on their way out. The resulting shakeup means marketers will need to get serious about the demand for authenticity. Affiliate marketing is perfectly positioned to deliver. In this Adweek article, contributor Anthony Capano discusses how affiliate marketing uniquely leverages that trust to reach audiences in truly authentic ways.

  • A comprehensive marketing strategy is critical for business, but too many B2B marketing leaders go about it the wrong way. From a lack of clarity to missing inputs, marketing strategy is often out of step with overall objectives at a company.

  • In an ideal world, marketing would be involved in every step of the journey from prospect to customer. Marketing attracts, informs, educates, enables, and empowers the prospect with the information long before they are considering a purchase and long after they have become a customer.