Marketing experts are embracing the benefits of the types of services we offer at Water Online. Here are their latest thoughts on the subject.

  • Pepsi’s VP Marketing Says ‘Start Backwards’ To Create Ads Fit For Modern Culture

    Obviously creating ads or content for the water and wastewater professional is very different than creating ads supporting one of the world’s largest soft drink brands but there’s a lot we can learn from this post of TheDrum.com. As John McCarthy writes, Pepsi starts its creative effort by searching out what people are “organically talking about.” It’s much the same for our clients in the world of brand publishing – identifying the issues and concerns of your audience and supplying the answers by way of intelligent and informed, actionable content:

  • The Next Era Of Social Media Marketing Is Here

    Writing for Forbes, Alessandro Ricchiardi takes a look at the evolution of online marketing in light of the COVID-pandemic and argues that If there was ever a time to start advertising on social media or increase spending, now is the time to do it:

  • Google Analytics 4: What Marketers Need To Know

    In this Michael Stelzner interview, Chris Mercer, founder of MeasurementMarketing.io, takes a look at Google Analytics 4 and the growing complexity of measuring your digital marketing performance with more devices to measure the user’s journey across and less ability to actually measure it: