Marketing experts are embracing the benefits of the types of services we offer at Water Online. Here are their latest thoughts on the subject.

  • Reinvigorating The Company Culture When Your People Are Working From Home

    For water and wastewater manufacturers and rep firms that have built a robust company culture, 2020 was an especially difficult year. The COVID-19 pandemic forced many of these operations to become remote workplaces at different times throughout the year.

  • A Peak At The Future Of Marketing Events

    The COVID-19 pandemic threw a wrench in the marketing plans of most water and wastewater solutions providers, and arguably no area was harder hit than the events sector. Face-to-face events have been a mainstay for reaching industry professionals, but 2020 forced companies into the unfamiliar territory of virtual formats. While many virtual events proved worthwhile, the future of events is likely to be a hybrid of in-person and virtual elements, according to Aventri CEO Jim Sharpe. In this piece in MarketingProfs, Sharpe has tips on how to successfully execute events of the future.

  • Avoiding The Pitfalls Of Content Marketing Saturation

    Content marketing has proven its worth, but the boom in new material production has caused a conundrum. With so many people claiming to be an expert, a massive amount of redundant and often bad content is now saturating the Internet.