Marketing experts are embracing the benefits of the types of services we offer at Water Online. Here are their latest thoughts on the subject.

  • Persuading The Unpersuadable

    Steve Jobs is legendary for changing the world to fit his vision, but organizational psychologist and author Adam Grant says the reality is that much of Apple’s success came from Jobs’ team pushing him to rethink his positions. In other words, Jobs was transformative because he surrounded himself with people who were persuasive enough to change his mind. In this Harvard Business Review piece, Grant offers lessons from his studies of those who motivated Steve Jobs to reevaluate his positions.

  • The Secret To Developing A Healthy Obsession With The Customer

    Big Data is becoming more critical than ever to understanding customer behavior. To get better insight, most brands will need to reevaluate how they interact with and track the customer journey. In other words, a data and digital transformation is probably necessary to optimize the customer experience.

  • Looking For An Edge In 2021? Broker Peace Between Sales And Marketing

    The symbiotic relationship that should exist between sales and marketing professionals has been strained in recent years as members of each team are now often battling for the same leads. And the misalignment can cost businesses as much as 10 percent of their annual revenue, according to some reports.