Hi, I’m Travis Kennedy. I’m the publisher of Water Online and the founder of the B2BrandWater.com blog.

This blog is designed to help manufacturers and service providers in the water and wastewater industry understand how to influence their customers into buying their product. It’s about a new concept called brand publishing and helping you unleash the power of brand publishing on your sales and marketing efforts.

For most of my career I’ve worked in the advertorial world, helping companies position their written content in front of treatment plant operators, consulting engineers, industrial entities and municipal authorities. What I noticed was a distinct difference in results between those companies recirculating their traditional sales literature and those investing in creating compelling content that helped the reader more than pitched a product.

And so, I started working with some early adopters of content marketing techniques in the water market to generate more valuable reader-centric content. Then I realized that it wasn’t simply better content that was effecting change. The most successful companies I was working with were creating unique circulations for their content and becoming what I like to call brand publishers.

I’ve been sharing my insights with organizations such as the Water & Wastewater Equipment Manufacturers Association (WWEMA) and in the process, learning more and further refining what successful brand publishing looks like. The more I’ve studied what works and what doesn’t, the clearer the concept of brand publishing has become.

I hope this blog gives you the confidence to invigorate your marketing by becoming a brand publisher too.


This video explains the ethos of brand publishing and why it’s so important in today’s marketing world.

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Hi, I’m Travis Kennedy, Founder of B2Brand Water.  If you have been paying attention, you’ve noticed that marketing to the water and wastewater industry has evolved and changed dramatically. The time has come to make our marketing helpful.  

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A lot of writers and marketing experts are starting to promote the principles of brand publishing. Here are some recent stories I’ve found that relate to brand publishing in the water industry:

  • The 2019 State Of Content Marketing [Infographic]
    The 2019 State Of Content Marketing [Infographic]

    What stands out to me in this infographic from a recent Zazzle Media survey is that 77% of respondents listed written content as the top focus of their content marketing focus in 2019, far outpacing the 45% who listed SEO or 42% focused on Email Marketing.

  • Why Social Media Must Live Within Your Content Marketing Vision
    Why Social Media Must Live Within Your Content Marketing Vision

    Creating valuable content consistently over time is hard work. And with so many emails hitting our inboxes and the difficulties of attaining superior ranking with Google, it can feel like a lot of effort for not much gain.

  • Does Your Business Have Authenticity?
    Does Your Business Have Authenticity?

    This is a story about a small, family-run coffee shop fighting off a known, big coffee-brand. But the reason I picked it for water and wastewater marketers to read is the story-telling value of what brand publishing is all about.

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