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  1. Building A Buying Persona: Let’s Give It A Go

    Let’s have some fun and create a buying persona. A what? A buying persona — a role or character of someone in our industry who might care to buy something. You may be wondering why. Hold that thought until the end of our exercise and you’ll see.

  2. Lack Of Distribution: The Hidden Killer Of Content Marketing

    Even if you’ve been thoroughly embracing content marketing, content distribution remains critically important. It doesn’t matter how good your latest article is if no one gets to read it. This remains of real significance in the water and wastewater industry where much of the work is done in the field or around the plant. In a work environment away from the computer or magazine, how do you get your expert content in front of your audience?

  3. Are You Ready For WEFTEC?

    Less than one week to go until WEFTEC 2018 kicks off in New Orleans. Are you ready?

  4. The Top 4 Consequences Of Not Creating Commercial Insight

    The environment in which we sell our solutions has evolved and it’s up to us to adjust or be left behind. The information your customers needed you to provide is now everywhere and the role they needed you to play in their purchasing process is forever changed.  The entire concept of selling has evolved into a journey of helping, informing, and educating along the way to cultivate that connection.

  5. Giant-Killing Content: How To Compete Against Goliath

    Like every other commercial industry, the water and wastewater market has seen its fair share of mergers and acquisitions over time. M&A activity is an important growth mechanism used to extend the product portfolio, move up or down the value chain by providing a different level of service and to compete head-to-head with rivals. In the past twenty years, we’ve seen some giant multi-national companies evolve through the acquisition and assimilation to varying success of smaller companies. But many an independent player survives and thrives.

  6. Why We Think People Want To Listen To Our Pitch: The Illusion Of Control

    Imagine yourself for a moment walking along a crowded street in your favorite city.  Hear the horns of the cars, the buzz of people talking on their phones as they walk by, and feel the heat coming off the asphalt streets.  You come up to a cross walk and nonchalantly press the crosswalk button, wait for the little guy in lights to turn white and you cross.  You get to your destination, get on the elevator, see someone you don’t particularly want to talk to and you start pressing the close door button until the door finally closes and you can enjoy the ride in peace.

  7. The Pros And Cons Of Creating Reader-Inspired Content

    One of the biggest conundrums about brand publishing is how to reap the fruit of your reader-focused content marketing efforts.

  8. Is Selling Dead?

    I know what you’re thinking: “NO!”  You’re also probably thinking, “How can you ask such an egregious question Travis? Isn’t your business dependent on sales too?”  Before you get too worked up and angry at me, please hear me out. 

  9. Tackling FOG With Content

    If you are executing a content marketing strategy in the water and wastewater market, consider yourself an early adopter on the brink of something big. You might not feel like one, trying to support your Company’s sales of pumps, valves, meters, instruments or engineered treatment solutions by doubling down on content. And some people around the office might be wondering what on earth you’re up too. But then again, you’re in marketing. They’ve been wondering about you for years.

  10. Case Study: Commercial Insight vs. Product-Centric Content

    As of January 2017, a wastewater treatment solutions provider had 100 pieces of content on Water Online. After classifying by content type, 93 were product-centric assets and 7 were considered commercial insight.