Brand publishing is a marketing strategy designed to deliver informative or educational content to customers rather than pushing or interrupting them with direct sales or promotional messages. It’s born out of recognition that in today’s information-rich world, purchasers prefer to walk themselves through much of the purchasing cycle rather than be led by a salesperson. 

What is truly missing in B2B sales is trust between the buyer and the salesperson. This is where brand publishing provides a distinct advantage. At its core, it provides valuable, engaging and helpful information, given for free that creates a kinship and level of trust between your customer, company and brand.

In the water and wastewater industry, utilities are increasingly wary of companies trying to sell them anything new.  This often results in companies not buying valuable new products or services because the perceived risk of making a bad decision outweighs the potential gains of making a good one. 

Brand Publishing gives manufacturers and service providers the ability to establish a non-threatening trust bond with their customers, creating a rich relationship to be leveraged when the prospect is ready to buy.

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Hi, I’m Travis Kennedy, Founder of B2Brand Water.  If you have been paying attention, you’ve noticed that marketing to the water and wastewater industry has evolved and changed dramatically. The time has come to make our marketing helpful.  

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    7 Common Marketing Mistakes You Might Be Making

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